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Alfa BuonCake

The Solution for Superior Cake Quality

Alfa BuonCake is a unique improver which enhances cake quality in so many ways.  It is an excellent targeted improver for cakes and related products.  Just add a minute quantity of this concentrated improver and you will get cakes of unmatched quality in terms of volume, crumb structure and freshness.

Alfa BuonCake

Cake Volume and Crumb Structure


The enzymes present in the Alfa BuonCake unlock the power of the ingredients found in a cake recipe.  In particular, it improves the emulsification properties of egg lecithin, fat and lipids, leading to a higher batter aeration, increased viscosity and a stabilised emulsion.  The significant impact of the Alfa BuonCake on cake volume and crumb structure can be seen in figure 1.

Reference Alfa BuonCake 50g/100kg Batter

Figure 1. The effect of Alfa BonCake on volume and crumb structure

Cake Softness and Freshness


The unique enzyme formula of the Alfa BuonCake results in unmatched softness and long-lasting freshness.  During storage the ability of the starch to hold water is reduced, a phenomenon which is called retrogradation.  The crumb becomes firmer and drier and the overall eating quality is reduced substantially.  The targeted action of the special enzymes, present in the Alfa BuonCake reduce the staling rate by preventing the recrystallization of the starch.  The significant impact of the Alfa BuonCake on cake softness and freshness can be seen in figure 2.


Increase your Sales by Meeting Consumer Criteria


A study has shown that two out of three consumers rated cake softness and freshness over taste (figure 3).

Figure 3. The two most critical quality factors affecting consumer preference


Also, in this study it was found that 65% of consumers believe that a packaged cake should stay fresh and soft for at least three weeks (figure 4).

Figure 4. How many weeks a pound cake should stay fresh

Dosage Recommendation

The dosage range is within 30g – 70g per 100kg of batter. The optimal dosage depends on flour quality and baking procedure therefore, it is recommended that the exact dosage be defined in bakery trials.